University Medical Center Utrecht

UMC Utrecht

Brain Center Rudolf Magnus
Department of Psychiatry
Heidelberglaan 100
3584 CX Utrecht

Prof. René Kahn, MD, PhD

Phone: +31 88 755 6025

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Dr. Inge Winter – van Rossum MsC, PhD

Phone: +31 88 75 53 227

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Dr. Jacob Vorstman, MD, PhD

Phone: +31 88 75 58180

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With approximately 12,000 employees, the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) is one of the largest public health care institutions in the Netherlands and the largest employer in the region. UMCU is a leading international university medical center generating, testing, sharing, and applying knowledge on health, illness, and health care for the benefit of patients and society. UMCU aims to play a major role on the international research stage and plays a leading role in research and innovation in a selected number of fields: the strategic programs, including brain. UMCU aims to make the created knowledge available for clinical and feasibility studies, and subsequently put that knowledge into clinical practice. That in turn results in products, processes and services for healthcare. UMCU actively seeks collaboration with patients and other interested parties, for instance by involving them in research, education, and by asking them for input on how healthcare should be organized.
In the UMCU, the programme “BRAIN” is one of the six strategic programs. Research of this strategic program is concentrated in the Brain Center Rudolf Magnus (BCRM), the major clinical, preclinical and fundamental institute sharply focussed on five brain disease areas: neurodevelopmental disorders, psychosis, epilepsy, stroke and ALS.

The UMCU team participating in the PRISM project belongs to the Brain Center Rudolf Magnus (BCRM) disease area of psychosis and neurodevelopmental disorders and has a strong expertise in clinical research. The UMCU team contributes to work packages on clinical deep phenotyping (WP4) and clinical harmonisation (WP5). Those tasks are required to answer the core questions of PRISM.

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