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Neuronet Scientific Coordination Board meeting….

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The PRISM consortium has been awarded the Translational Neuroscience Prize 2019

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CORDIS published an article about the results of PRISM

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Prof. Dr. Barbara Franke receives royal honours – CONGRATS!

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PRISM Newsletter: eighth edition

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Press release, PRISM project: Scientists unveil plans to identify common social and cognitive elements in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, Schizophrenia

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PRISM Newsletter: seventh edition

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PRISM Newsletter: sixth edition

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PRISM Newsletter: fifth edition

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PRISM Newsletter: fourth edition

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Coordinator Martien Kas presents the PRISM project at the ECNP Congress

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PRISM Newsletter: third edition

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Productive workpackage 6 meeting in Nijmegen

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Article supported by PRISM in Molecular Psychiatry

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Start-up meeting of clinical deep phenotyping study

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PRISM coordinators presented at the ECNP conference

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PRISM Newsletter: second edition

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PRISM Newsletter: first edition

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PRISM press release

Major mental health project aims to uncover root causes of social withdrawal

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PRISM covered in Science

European mental health project targets biological roots of social withdrawal

By Emily Underwood

DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf4116

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4th General Assembly and 8th Steering Committee meeting 2019

The fourth PRISM General Assembly Meeting will take place from 7.02.-8.02.2019.

Additional Steering Committee Meeting 2019

An additional PRISM Steering Committee Meeting will take place from 23.01.2019 in Brussels, Switzerland.

7th Steering Committee meeting 2018

The seventh PRISM Steering Committee Meeting will take place from 12.09.-13.09.2018.

3rd PRISM General Assembly and 6th Steering Committee meeting

Mainz, Germany

The third PRISM General Assembly and fifth Steering Committee Meeting was held in Mainz, Germany, from 08.03.-09.03.2018.

4th Steering Committee meeting

Leiden, The Netherlands

The fourth PRISM Steering Committee Meeting was held in Leiden, the Netherlands, from 19.-20.10.2017.

2nd PRISM General Assembly and 3rd Steering Committee meeting

London, UK


The second PRISM General Assembly and third Steering Committee Meeting was held in London, United Kingdom, from 30.03.-31.03.2017.

2nd PRISM Steering Committee meeting

Madrid, Spain


The 2nd PRISM Steering Committee was held in Madrid, 17 -19 October 2016. In addition to discussing the progress of all PRISM WPs, we thoroughly and successfully discussed the pre-clinical work and the implementation of the clinical study. As an outcome of these productive discussions and clear decisions the PRISM protocol can be finalised in the coming weeks.

29th ECNP Congress

Vienna, Austria

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PRISM Kick-off meeting, 4 -6 April 2016

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